Bike tours in the Lagoon of Venice

There are many ways to discover the Lands of Venice. By bike, by boat and on foot.

Today we will explore the coast and the Venetian hinterland by bike.

Discover the territory that surrounds Venice by bike accompanied by guides. They will tell you about places and landscapes out of the ordinary.

Get on your bike, you’re on your way!

An excursion to discover vegetable gardens, forts, fish valleys and Flamingos.

The departure is from Cavallino, a small town on the coast, riding the bike along Ca’ Savio’s beach, its natural dunes and coastline woods and across vegetable gardens and traditional products.
The landscape is a mix of canals, shoals, cultivated fields and houses until Corte del Prà, a lovely square with a landowner’s mansion, a courtyard, an oratory and stables.

Here the lagoon takes over the land and the road winds along the banks of the fishing valleys to reach the ancient solitary hamlet of Lio Piccolo, surrounded by water, immersed in a silence interrupted only by flights and calls of many species of birds.

An easy route along the Piave river, through villages, woods and waterways.

Cycling along the ancient Litoranea Veneta (a canal linking Venice with Trieste) from Cortellazzo, a quiet fishing village at the mouth of the Piave River, to the reclaimed land of Torre di Fine, Brian and Eraclea.

We will cross the river through a boat bridge. The Piave river is considered sacred to the motherland because it was the front line during the First World War.

Later we will explore a territory rich in history, culture and traditions, touching renowned Northern Adriatic beaches and going through rural hamlets.
Then, we will cycle through coastal woods and waterways closely connected with the history of Italy.

A bike tour to discover the history of the Piave river and Laguna del Mort.

The route begins in Cortellazzo, crosses the Piave river and continues to Torre di Fine. Then, it winds along the Revedoli canal into the Ossi Valley area and into the “Laguna del Mort”, until it reaches the pinewood of Eraclea Mare.

In 1935 a flood diverted the river bed near its mouth in Eraclea: there, a salty lagoon of great naturalistic and landscape value was created.
There was an unprecedented flood: the river overflowed completely, abandoning its course and opening itself another way to the sea, its current estuary in Cortellazzo.Consequently, the riverbed, which remained isolated from the sea, became a small lagoon of considerable environmental and faunal interest.

A bike and boat tour to discover the northern Lagoon of Venice.

Departure from Piazza Brescia in Jesolo Lido. First, we will cycle to Conche di Cavallino; then, along the banks of the Sile-Piave Vecchia River we will get to Lio Maggiore in the silence of the Northern Lagoon fishing valleys. It will be a full immersion in the history of the land of the Serenissima Republic.

Here the route will end and there will be the possibility of a break.
In Lio Maggiore we will board the “Pontoon Boat” (boat for bicycles transportation in the Lagoon), which will take us to Cavallino across a short but fantastic panorama.

The ride back is along the Casson canal until Cavallino’s locks, cycling next to the golden sand of the coast.

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